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I weight 160 lbs. if I was to drink 5 shots of vodka, a beer, and two mikes hard lemonades with 5% alcohol. How long would it take to get the alcohol out of my system and safe for me to take a UA and still be able to pass? If I drink more water how much quicker will it be safe to take the UA and pass?


What is the equation to determine how long alcohol will be in urine after drinking?

Wade simmons

i weigh 145. if i consume a 6 pack of beer, how long will it show up in in a urine alnalysis?


i drank 5 beers and weigh 140,will i pass a urine test in the lab 11 hours later

jim davis

if someone is on probation for a owi and they are taking steroids will it come up in the urine test

Tom Goff

How many hours/days does it take to excrete alcohol and it's byproducts in the urine. What are the things that may show up besides alcohol that would indicate that someone had been drinking.


if i drink 15 beers wednesday, 15 thursday, and 12 friday, and 6 on saturday. will i pass a urine alcohol test on the following wensday night?


id i drink 3 bears a day but getting un'd for if how long before un should i stop dirinking 3 bears a day


Okay, this is easy. Alcohol is water soluble and should decrease at a constant rate, that means there should be a linear decrease in the BAC. This is different from other drugs where the amount of time it takes to get the drug out of your system requires you to take into account the half-life of the drug (for example after x hours 50% is gone, and then after another x hours 50% of what was left is gone, and so on). So this should be pretty much the same for everyone, plus or minus something.

Going on the above which seems reasonable, the body is getting rid of 0.5 ounces of ethanol per hour. This means that one shot of liquour at 80 proof (40%) will be 0.4 oz of ethanol, will be out of your system in under an hour (after finishing the drink), most likely assuming decent hydration one can base the time to get the alcohol out of their system at one hour per drink and be fine. Plus or minus a couple hours.


i weigh 150 how long does it take for 6 pack bottles of heineken 12 fl.oz.?


IF I DRANK 3 24oz, 1 40oz, and 1 12oz before 7:00 and i took a drug test at 6:00 the next morning will i pass my drug screen and i weigh about 138lbs

barbara silva

if i drank a bottle of wine on wed will i pass my urine test on sat

Account Deleted

I weigh 150 and drank 2 beers at noon. Will I pass a urine test at 6pm?

Peter DeSabio

what is the right procedure for urine analyst for alcohol. Do you first have to have a void sample.

T Harden

I am currently in Drug Court but alcohol is my D.O.C. I get randomly tested weekly. How long does it take to give a clean urine after drinking because I have already had a positive for alcohol.


i drank about 12 beers how long would it take to leave my urine?

thank you


If I weigh 300 pounds and drank a little more than a 40 oz malt liquor and only one shot of vodka over a 5 hour period, could I pass a urine test in 8 hours after stopping?
Thank You


If I weigh 300 pounds and drank 48 ounces of malt liquor and one hot of vodka over a 5 hour period, could I pass a urine test 8 hours after stopping


U have a urine test in almost 24hrs and you have been bindge drinking your last drink was at 5pm. U weigh a little over 200lbs.Can you still pass and is it true constantly drinking water and cranberry will flush your urine.

William Titus

If I Drank 5 beers over a period of 6 hours ending at 1 am. Would I pass a urine drug screen at 300 next day?


if i drank 4 beers and 4 vodka's and 3 shots of yager..how long would it take to get outta my urnine system.


If i drank 2 4oz glasses over aperiod of 2 hours what would my bac level be i drink liquer tia maria on the rocks.


If a 150 lb 47 year old woman drank 2 glasses of wine will she pass a pre-employment urine drug test 36 hours later?

michael grant

how long does it take for a breathalizer to read 0.00 after you had a few beers?


How many days I do not have an alcohol to pass a urine test?

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