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what are the different kinds of alcohol?


The post is referring to wine, liquor and beer as the different types of alcohol.


how u doing

joe sylvia

if i had 4 12 oz beers starting at 6;30 pm till 10;30 pm one night.how many hrs would it take to leave my system?

sober living california

In my own experience, I think beer is much harder to metabolize than wine and liquor.



in what class of alcohol is that??????????


how to do some new and sweet beer?


If i had 1-240z beer at 430 pm anthoer at 6pm and a half of a 24oz beer at 8pm stopped drinking for 42hrs is that enough time to allow alcohol to clear my syestem?


If i consumed no alchol in 7 days than had 3 drinks per day the last 6 days and no alchol in the last 24 hours would i pass a etg test in the next 24 hours

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