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teen alcohol treatment

Thank you for this post, I agree with it if you consume water much than alcohol it can reduce the possibility of hang over.


ellen dalton

I never drink. The other night I drank a bottle of wine (white) over 5 hour period. I felt sober, as I had mixed it with 7Up and was drinking with friends and did not realize the amount I had taken.

I drank water as well but 11/2 hours later I drove and was stopped by the police and a urine sample was taken. I am awaiting results and quite anxious. What are possiblilities of being over limit.

I am 5'6" and weigh 195 lbs. I am on anytihypertensive medication - in case it interferes.

I would greatly appreciate a prompt reply.

I live in Ireland where one is allowed 2 glasses of wine and allowed to drive. As 11/2 hours had gone by and I felt sober, I really didn't feel I would have a problem, but the breathelizer came up positive.

ellen dalton

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